Projects Undertaken:

Since its inception, Africanadian Mediation and Community Services has undertaken the following projects: Funding was received from the City of Toronto’s Access and Equity Grant to undertake the under listed Projects in 2003/2004.

The Existing Resources Available For New Comer Integration and Settlement the African/Caribbean Communities in the Greater Toronto Area.

Dissemination of Information on the Existing Resources Available For New Comer Integration and Settlement in the African/Caribbean Communities in the Greater Toronto Area.

In undertaking the above projects, the entire African Canadian community members were mobilized to respond toquestionnairesdesigned to address the issues at hand. The community’s response was overwhelming as they gladly participated in the survey that was conducted throughout the project.

On the dissemination of information on the existing resources available for new comer integration and settlement in the African/Caribbean communities in the GTA, the following resources were compiled and distributed to members of the community:

Funding was also received from the City of Toronto’s Breaking the Cycle of Violence to undertake the following projects respectively.

1. Research into the Causes and Prevention of Spousal Abuse among the African/Caribbean Communities in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) .

2. Training of community Mediators in the African/Canadian communities in the Greater Toronto Area

Ontario Trillium Foundation:

In 2002, Ontario Trillium Foundation funded the training of the first set of community mediators in the black community. Thefollowing community mediators have been trained with funding received from both Ontario Trillium Foundation and the City of Toronto’s Breaking the Cycle of Violence grants:


1. Rev. Samuel Agyapong 19. Rev. Tetteh Akunnor
2. Rev. Robert Adekunle Lawal 20. Mr. Yacoub Idris
3. Rev. Don Ifepe 21. Mr. Joel Mukwedeya
4. Mr. Emmanuel Amibor 22. Mr. Leonard Wandili
5. Mrs. Constance Akuno 23. Ms. Rispah M. Adala
6. Mr. Florence Agyapong 24. Ms. Amy Nuno-Amarteifio
7. Mrs. Afaf Abdelbaki 25. Mr. George Marcels
8. Mrs. Margaret Edoghamen 26. Pastor Joseph Ighirhiaro
9. Ms. Denis Whitter 27. Apostle Pius Igberase
10. Mr. Basil Underwood Kidd 28. Ms. Cynthia George
11. Mr. Thelson Desamour 29. Mr. Paul Uko
12. Pastor David Komolafe 30. Mr. Abela Imhangbe
13. Rev. Benjamin Akinrinola 31. Mrs. Mary Kiaira
14. Mr. Louis Kwabena Anane 32. Mr. Kwadwo Appiah-Asante, Jnr
15. Rev. Samson Kwarteng 33. Ms. Sybil Jones
16. Rev. Joseph Bonnah 34. Ms. Esi K. Holbrook
17. Mr. Nonso Emecheta 35. Pastor Harry Ogundigie
18. Mr. Nath C. Duru-Obisi



This directory has been made possible after a grant was allocated by the City of Toronto’s Access and Equity in 2004 allocation to undertake a research on the existing resources available for the newcomer settlement and integration in the African/Caribbean communities in Toronto.

This directory has been developed partly to assist newly arrived immigrants access available resources in their communities, and also to assist settlement workers, community/church leaders and others working with newcomers in making effective referrals to relevant services within the African/Caribbean communities in Toronto.

The program area in this directory consists of Family Counseling, Employment, Settlement Services, Interpretation and/Translation, Children Services, Community Development, Training, Women’s Services, Immigration, Housing, Health Services, Legal Services, Youth Services, etc.

Users of this directory are advised to contact the agencies directly in case of additional information, which may not be contained in this directory.

Every day hundreds of newcomers like you begin a new life in Canada. Some are refugees fleeing persecution, others come to join family, and others again are seeking to make a better life for themselves. In all, over 200,000 immigrants settle in Canada each year. Their backgrounds and personal histories may be widely different and each one’s experience on arrival is unique. For many new immigrants, there are, nevertheless certain shared experiences, as you make a home for yourselves in Canada. You must find somewhere to live, search for a job and familiarize yourselves with a different society and culture. Often you have to learn a new language. In the process, you may experience success, but also alienation, loneliness, frustration, xenophobia and racism. Refugees often face particular challenges in adapting because their arrival was not planned or a matter of choice, but a matter of survival.

That is why Africanadian Mediation and Community Services, based on the research conducted on the above named subject, put this directory together for use in the African/Caribbean communities in Toronto. AMCS was established purposely as a community based organization to provide mediation and settlement services, which includes housing, employment and education to people of African/Caribbean origin in the city of Toronto. However, a major setback has been the lack of data on the black minority of theAfrican/Caribbean who are very visible now but may not have their needs met because of the vast variations in their socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.

This directory seeks to identify some of the facilities, which are available for Blacks to enhance newcomer settlement and integration of the Black immigrant and/or refugee population in the Greater Toronto Area.


Name of Organization

Service Description

Contact Address


Africanadian Mediation and Community Services

Mediation and conflict resolution, counseling and Integration Services.

1110 Finch Avenue West, Suite 222, Toronto, ON M3J 2T2

Tel: 416-203-2869
Fax: 416-203-1881

African Canadian Social Development Council

Umbrella organization to other African community Organizations, integration, counseling, and referral, etc.

215 Spadina Avenue Suite 127
Toronto, ON M5T 2C7

Tel: 416-658-5100
Fax: 416-979-3936

Amedon Divine Ministries Inc

Place of worship, counseling, integration

684 Wilson Avenue
Toronto, ON M3K 1E1

Tel: 647-436-0805
Fax: 647-436-0805

African Canadian Legal Clinic

Legal case work on racial discrimination.

330 Bay Street, Suite 306
Toronto, ON M5H 2S8

Tel: 416-214-4747
Fax: 416-214-4748

African Women Resource and Information Centre

Settlement and integration services, referral and counseling services.

203 Sackville Green
Toronto, ON M5A 3H1

Tel: 416-214-4823
Fax: 416-360-3810

African Canadian Health Services

Education, counseling, for gays, lesbians, youth, adults, and youth involved with prostitution.

790 Bay Street, Ste. 1140
Toronto, ON M5G 1N9

Tel: 416-591-7600
Fax: 416-591-7317

African Refugee and Immigrant Aid Organization

Settlement and Integration Services

720 Spadina Avenue, #103
Toronto, ON M5S 2T9

Tel: 416-975-9984
Fax: 416-975-0746

Africans in Partnership Against AIDS

Education on HIV/AIDS, and support

790 Bay Street
Toronto, ON M5G 1N9

Tel: 416-924-5256
Fax: 416-595-9154

Arab Community Centre of Toronto

Job search workshops, child abuse prevention, mediation and conflict resolution, domestic violence program.

Toronto, ON
M9V 6E3

Tel: 416-231-7746
Fax: 416-231-4770

Barbara Schlifer Commemorative Clinic

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Free legal counseling, interpretation, information and referral and advocacy for abused women.

489 College Street, Ste. 503

Toronto, ON M6G 1A5

Tel: 416-323-9149
Fax: 416-323-9107

Broad African Resource Centre

729 St. Clair Avenue West, Unit 28
Toronto, ON M6C 1B2

Working closely with youth, children and immigrant families

Tel: 416-658-3585
Fax: 416-652-8947

Canadian Arab Federation

1057 McNicoll Avenue
Toronto, ON
M1W 3W6

Advocacy for Arab Canadians, endeavouring to empower and unify the diverse Arab communities

Tel: 416-493-8635
Fax: 416-493-9239

Christ’s Chosen Church of God International

29 Pemican Court, Unit 1 & 2, North York, ON
M9M 2Z3

Place of Worship, counseling and integration

Tel: 416-744-7693
Fax: 416-744-9861

Canadian Center for Victim of Torture

194 Jarvis St, 2 Floor,
Toronto ON M5B 2B7

Supporting survivors of torture and war in the process of successful integration into Canadian society.

Tel: 416-363-1066
Fax; 416-363-2122
Email: or

Canadian Centre for Women’s Education and Development Church of Epiphany

700 Kennedy Rd
Scarborough ON M1K 2B5

Assisting newcomers to Canada with basic keyboard skills, literacy programs, domestic abuse support, counseling, referrals, escort to court for women in abusive situations, and help with evictions.

Tel: 416-261-3466
Fax: 416-261-3744

Canadian Mental Health Association

1200 Markham Rd, Suite 500
Scarborough ON M1H 3C3

Providing community support services for persons with serious mental health problems

Tel: 416 –289-6285
Fax: 416 289-6843

Canadian Multilingual Literacy Centre (CMLC)

1139 College St., Suite 201
Toronto ON M6B 1B5

Providing language training, settlement and employment services and men and women’s support programs.

Tel: 416-538-4232
Fax: 416-538-4054


2 Carlton St., Suite 602
Toronto ON M5B 1J3

Providing orientation for newcomers, offering services to youth, and publishing a newspaper.

Tel: 416-596-1587
Fax; 416-595-6577

Catholic Cross-Cultural Services

780 Birchmount Rd., #3
Scarborough ON M1K 5H4

Providing general information and referrals, orientation, settlement and adaptation, counseling, advocacy, and community education.

Tel; 416-757-7010
Fax; 416-757-7399

Centre Canadien Pour la formation et l’exchange

124 Redwater Dr.
Etobicoke ON M9W 2A2

Information, integration and job search training for newcomers to Canada.

Tel; 416-744-7592
Fax: 416-744-7592

Community Information Toronto

425 Adelaide St. W., 2 Floor
Toronto ON M5V 3CI

Providing information and referral.

Tel: 416-392-3778
Fax: 416-392-4404

Community Microskills Development Centre

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1 Vulcan Street
Rexdale ON M9W 1L3

Assisting disadvantaged, immigrant, refugee, and racial minority people in overcoming barriers towards self-sufficiency, and acquiring the skills needed to achieve self- determination and economic, social, and political equality.

Tel: 416-247-7181
Fax: 416-247-1877

Community Resources Consultants of Toronto

120 Eglinton Ave. E., Suite 800
Toronto ON M4P 1E2

Serving people with serious and persistent mental health problems through direct service, consultation and information activities.

Tel: 416-482-4103
Fax: 416-482-5237

Conflict Mediation Services of Downsview

95 Eddystone Ave., 2 Floor
Toronto ON M3N 1H6

Providing conflict resolution via mediation, education and training.

Tel: 416-740-2522
Fax: 416-747-7415

COSTI Immigrant Services

1710 Dufferin Street
Toronto ON M6E 3P2

Providing educational, social, and employment services to help all immigrants in the greater Toronto area attain self-sufficiency in Canadian society.

Tel: 416-658-1600
Fax: 416-658-8537

Cross Edge Community Network

2638 Eglinton Ave. W.
Toronto ON M6M 1T7

Providing Counselling, orientation, referral, language interpretation translation, job search and placement, and African heritage workshops.

Tel: 4160-652-3636
Fax: 416-652-3636


160 Springhurst Ave., Suite 300
Toronto ON M6K 1C2

Providing emotional support to individuals and families by matching them with volunteer hosts. Other services include: English Conversation Circle, employment Counselling, Job Search workshops, basic computer skills, orientation and settlement services, and youth programs.

Tel; 416-588-6288
Fax; 416-588-2435

Dejinta Beeshaa- Somali Multi-Service Centre

8 Taber Rd.
Etobicoke ON M9M 3A4

Providing settlement services, community development, an after-school program, and a homework club.

Tel: 416-743-1286
Fax: 416-743-1233

Etobicoke Conflict Mediation Team

8 Taber Road
Etobicoke ON M9M 3A4

Conflict Resolution Service, referral

Tel: 416-744-6312, Ext. 243
Fax: 416-744-1881

Eritrean Canadian Community Centre

729 St. Clair Ave. W.
Toronto ON M6C 1B2

Providing settlement, orientation, adaptation, and integration services to Eritrean newcomers (refugees, refugee claimants, Landed Immigrants)

Tel; 416-658-8680
Fax: 416-658-7442

Ernestine’s Women’s Shelter

P.O.Box 141 station B
Rexdale ON M9W 5K9

Temporary emergency shelter, crisis counselling, support for women and children escaping situations of abuse.

Tel: 416-746-3701
Fax: 416-746-3716

Ethiopian Association in Toronto Inc.

2057 Danforth Ave. 3 Floor
Toronto ON M4C 1J8

Providing LINC classes, Employment programs, settlement counselling, youth programs and crisis counselling.

Tel: 416-694-1522
Fax: 416-694-8736

Family Service Association of Toronto

355 Church Street
Toronto ON M5B 1Z8

Assisting those who lack access to family support services due to barriers such as income or discrimination based on ethnicity, language, age gender, sexual orientation and political or religious factors.

Tel: 416-595-9230
Fax: 416-595-0242

Flemingdon Health Centre

10 Gateway Blvd.
Toronto ON M3C 3A1

Offering programs and services with an emphasis on health promotion, disease prevention, and medical services.

Tel: 416-429-4991
Fax: 416-422-3573

Flemingdon Neighbourhood Services

10 Gateway Blvd. Suite 104
Toronto ON M3C 3A1

Responding to the needs of people in the flemingdon area through women’s programs housing help, settlement assistance, a drop-in centre, employment assistance, youth initiatives, outreach, and community economic development.

Tel; 416-424-2900
Fax: 416-424-3455

Foyer d’ adaptation, d’ integration et de formation (F.A.I.F)

25 Chaldean St.
Toronto ON M1W 2B6

Providing assistance to the ethno-cultural and racial minority French-speaking immigrants in securing employment, and becoming successful and active participants in Canadian society.

Tel: 416-418-7844
Fax: 416-325-2664

Ghanaian Canadian Association of Ontario

168A Oakdale Rd. #6C
North York ON M3N 2S5

Serving as an umbrella organization for Ghanaian-Canadian ethnic and religious organizations, offering networking opportunities, providing referrals and coordinating heritage programs.

Tel: 416-740-9734
Fax: 416-740-4614

Harari Community of Ontario

4900 Sheppard Ave. E., Suite 212
Toronto ON M1S 4A7

Providing settlement services, counselling, referrals, immigration services, cultural celebrations, events workshops and assistance with letter writing, and burial services.

Tel: 416-596-2266 ext.25

Hazel Burns Hospice

1669 Eglinton Ave. W.
Toronto ON M6E 2H4

Providing compassionate care, emotional and daily living support to terminally ill clients, and working alongside family and professional caregivers.

Tel: 416-782-5915
Fax: 416-782-2908

Heritage Skills development Centre

1071 King St.W., Suite 303
Toronto ON M6K 3K2

Crime prevention, business training, employment preparation and fashion network (ethno-specific).

Tel: 416-345-1613
Fax: 416-345-9044

Historical Connexion

951 Carlaw Ave.
Toronto ON M4K 3M2

Making available the valuable resources for those interested in the contributions made by African people in Canada.

Tel: 416-289-5117
Fax: 416-289-5106

Inter-Riverine Somali Relief Association (ISRA)

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2095 Weston Road, Suite 2065
Toronto ON M9N 1X7

Facilitating, assisting or providing necessary services such as relief and development to all Somali people; promoting and campaigning on behalf of the Inter-Riverine Somali people.

Tel; 416-247-1616
Fax: 416-247-9187

Interval House

596 Huron Street
Toronto ON M5R 2R7

Providing safety, protection, and advocacy for assaulted women and their children.

Tel: 416-924-1491
Fax: 416-928-9020

Islamic Social Services and Resources Association

2375 St. Clair Ave. W.
Toronto ON M6N 1K9

Providing short-term counseling for individuals, families, and youth; information and referrals, parenting classes, classes for deaf Muslims, health seminars, swimming classes youth camp, youth programs, housing, settlement services, homework club, women’s services.

Tel: 416-767-1531
Fax: 416-767-0328

Jamaican Canadian Association

995 Arrow Road
Toronto ON M9M 2Z5

Promoting Black/Jamaican culture, fighting against racism, and working in partnership with those who share similar values.

Tel: 416-746-5772
Fax; 416-746-7035

Kalkaal Services

2095 Weston Rd. Suite 206
Toronto ON M4S 1X7

Interpretation and translation services.

Tel: 416-816-9214
Fax: 416-247-9187

Le regroupment des femmes immigrantes francophones (RFIF)

600 Bay St., Suite 408
Toronto ON M5G 1M6

Non-profit organization mandated to facilitate the transition of recently-arrived women, provide better access to employment opportunities available in the community, and strengthen the community and civic capacities of these women.

Tel: 416-345-8449
Fax; 416595-0202

Learning Enrichment Foundation

116 Industry St.
Toronto ON M6M 4L8

Providing community-responsive programs and services enabling individuals to become valued contributors to their community’s social and economic development.

Tel: 416-769-0830
Fax; 416 769-9912

Link Up Employment Services: The Training Coordination Group for Persons with Disabilities

1075 Bay St., Suite 801
Toronto ON M5S 2B1

Working specifically for people with disabilities, assisting them in finding employment and training.

Tel; 416-413-4922
Fax; 416-413-4927

Midaynta Association of Somali- Services Agencies

1992 Yonge St., Suite 203
Toronto ON M4S 1Z8

Assisting newcomers and refugees to settle and integrate into the Canadian mainstream through the various programs offered.

Tel; 416-544-1992
Fax: 416-440-3379

Multilingual Community Interpreter Service (Ontario)

1185 Eglinton Ave. E., Suite 704
Toronto ON brC 3C6

Providing interpretation services to qualify non –English victims of domestic violence, wife assault, sexual assault, and child abuse. This service is also provided to individuals and organizations outside the qualifying criteria for a fee.

Tel: 416-426-7051
Fax: 416-4267118

National African integration and Families Association Inc.

42 Charles St. E. 5 Floor
Toronto ON M4Y 1T4

Servicing the continental African community in advocacy, counselling, community development, violence prevention, and drug abuse prevention.

Tel: 416-975-0877
Fax: 416-925-9112


P.O.BOX 98118
Toronto ON M4M 1JO

Providing programs and services for women and children who have faced, or are facing, oppressions such as violence, poverty, and homelessness. Nellie’s is a community-based feminist organization operating within an anti-racist, anti-oppression framework.

Tel: 416-461-9849
Fax: 416-461-0976

Northwood Neighbourhood Services

2528A Jane Street
Toronto ON M3L 1S1

Providing counseling and referrals to Somali and Eritreans newcomers.

Tel; 416-748-0788
Fax: 416-748-0525

Ogaden Somali Community Association

1575 Lawrence Ave. W. Suite 203
Toronto ON M6L 1C3

Providing basic computer training, and access to the internet and sewing machines.

Tel: 416-614-1255
Fax: 416-614-9638

Oromo Canadian Community Association in Ontario

761 Jane St., Suite 210
Toronto ON M6N 4B4

Providing all necessary services to meet the needs of newcomers to Toronto in various languages.

Tel: 416-767-8784
Fax: 416-767-7223

Oromo Canadian Women Association in Ontario


761 Jane Street Suite 210
Toronto ON M6N 4B4

Organizing Oromo-speaking newcomers in peer support groups to provide essential and gender-sensitive services to arriving refugee families.

Tel: 416-767-8784
Fax: 416-767-7223

Oromo Relief Association in Ontario (ORAO)

761 Jane St., Suite 210
Toronto ON M6N 4B4

Supporting immigrant newcomers in settling in Ontario, and helping families to sponsor family members for reunion.

Tel; 416-767-8784
Fax; 416-767-7223

Oromo Youth Association in Ontario

761 Jane St., Suite 210
Toronto ON M6N 4B4

Organizing Oromo youth to access sport and recreation facilities, and to participate in social and economic activities

Tel; 416-767-8784
Fax: 416-767-7223

Resurrection Power Expectation Ministries

4695 Sheppard Ave. E.
Scarborough ON M1S 4R4

Place of worship, counseling, integration, etc

Fax: 905-812-4896

Reconnect Mental Health Services

2150 Islington Ave., Suite 202
Etobicoke ON M9P 3V4

Community-based rehabilitation and community support program offering group and individual counseling, problem solving, socialization, clinical treatment, and housing support.

Tel: 416-248-2050
Fax: 416-248-6557

Rexdale Women’s Centre

8 Taber Rd, 2 floor
Etobicoke ON M9W 3A4

ESL preschool program, parenting group, employment and career counseling, employment and integration support groups for women and LINC.

Tel: 416-745-0062
Fax; 416-745-3995

Romero House

175 keele Street
Toronto ON M6P 2K1

Providing housing, community, and resettlement services for refugee claimants

Tel: 416-763-1303
Fax; 416-763-2939

Rwandan Women & Young Adults’ Resource Networking Centre

281B Osler Street
Toronto ON M6N 2Z3

Operating a resource centre for the Rwandan community by providing information, support and delivering services to Rwandan women, young adult newcomers, and for those in Canada less than 3 years.

Tel; 416-657-7836
Fax: 416-657-7836

Scarborough Community Legal Services

695 Markham Rd. Suite 9
Scarborough ON M1H 2A5

Legal services; O.W., ODSP, E.I CPP, women abuse, landlord and tenant issues

Tel: 416-438-7206
Fax: 416-438-9869

Sistering – A Woman’s Place

523 College Street
Toronto ON M6G 1A6

Providing basic and practical services to low- income,, socially isolated women.

Tel: 416-926-9762
Fax; 416-926-1932

Sojourn House

51 Bond Street
Toronto ON M5B 1X1

24-hour emergency shelter for refugee claimants.

Tel; 416-864-0515
Fax: 416-955-0515

Somali Banadir Association of Canada

347 Parliament St., Unit 602
Toronto ON M5A 2Z8

Providing settlement for Somali newcomers including escort, information and referrals, education, housing assistance, language translation and a youth job workshop program that runs in the summer months.

Tel; 416-362-5745

Somali Canadian Association of Etobicoke

925 Albion Rd., Suite 202
Etobicoke ON M9v 1A6

Individual counseling, referral services; translation and interpretation; workshops to service providers on the cultural values of Somalis; escort.

Tel: 416-742-4601
Fax: 416-742-0662

Somali Family and Child Skills Development Services

2192 Dundas St. W.
Toronto ON M6R 1X3

Providing support for cultural diversity, child advocacy, and a child welfare program.

Tel; 416-539-8334
Fax: 416-539-8334

Somali Immigrant Aid Organization Toronto

1778 Weston Rd., Suite 105
Toronto ON M9N 1V8

Providing LINC classes, Children’s Aid for Somali community

Tel; 416-243-1988
Fax: 416243-2903

Somaliland Canadian Society of Metro Toronto

2975 Don Mills Rd.
Toronto ON M2J 3B7

Providing services to Somali newcomers

Tel: 416-496-2588
Fax; 416-496-0881

Somaliland Women’s Organization of Metro Toronto

4900 Sheppard Ave. E., Suite 212
Toronto ON M1S 4A7

Providing a wide range of settlement services to Somali families

Tel: 416-293-5060
Fax: 416-293-6701

Southern Sudanese Community Organization

C/o 28 Sussex Ave.
Toronto ON M5S 1J7

Providing cultural services, translation and networking.

Tel: 416-593-5942
Fax: 416-249-2490

Sudanese Community Association of Ontario

835 Bloor St. W.
Toronto ON M6G 1M1

Providing assistance with housing for newcomers, job search, educational information, and referral

Tel: 416-533-6202
Fax: 416-291-9375

Toronto Community and Neighbourhood Services


Intake service for family Hostels (multicultural).

Tel: 416-397-5637
Fax: 416-397-5625

Toronto Community Hostel

191 Spadina Road
Toronto ON M5R 2J9

Providing shelter, three meals daily, crisis intervention, housing and employment counselling, support to families and single men and women.

Tel: 416-925-4431
Fax: 416-925-4433


Umegenzi for Refugees

2 Carlton St., Suite 602, Toronto M5B 1J3

Volunteer program, summer day camp, focus group and mentorship program.

Tel: 416-920-5002
Fax: 416-920-5008

Unemployed Professional African Watu (UPAWA)

22 College St., Suite 104
Toronto ON M5G 1K2

Providing settlement services, employment counseling, job search assistance, assistance in finding housing, translation of documents and a voice-mail telephone services.

Tel; 416-410-6318
Fax: 416921-5805

Women in Transition, Spadina House

P.O.BOX 426, Station P
Toronto ON M5S 2S7

Providing shelter, food, clothing, information and referrals, advocacy, counselling, escorts, and other services for assaulted women and their children.

Tel: 416-967-5227
Fax: 416-967-2781

Woodgreen Red Door Family Shelter

1731 Lawrence Ave.E
Scarborough ON M1R 2X7

Providing safe and supportive emergency housing to individuals and families in need of refuge from domestic violence and to those who find themselves without accommodation.

Tel: 416-750-3800
Fax: 416-750-1200

Working Women Community Centre

533A Gladstone Ave.
Toronto ON M6H 3J1

Providing settlement programs for newcomers, LINC, ESL computer training, employment counselling, job placement, abuse counselling and support groups for assaulted women.

Tel: 416-532-2824
Fax: 416-532-1065

World Vision Reception Centre

43 Christie St.
Toronto ON M6G 3B1

Temporary shelter for refugee claimants.

Tel; 416-588-9277
Fax: 416-536-6329

YMCA of Greater Toronto

42 Charles St. E.
Toronto ON M4Y 1T4

Providing health and social services for all members of the community.

Tel: 416-928-9622
Fax: 416-928-2030

York Community Services

1651 Keele St.
Toronto ON M6M 3W2

Providing primary health care, legal service, counselling, housing assistance and community support.

Tel: 416-653-5400
Fax: 416-653-1696

Yorktown Family Services/Yorktown Child and Family Centre Branch

2468 Eglinton Ave. W.
Toronto ON M6M 5E2

Providing individual and family counselling to children from birth to 18years of age. Addressing behavioural and emotional difficulties through various programs aimed at children and families.

Tel: 416-394-2424
Fax: 416-394-2689

Youth Assisting Youth

1992 Yonge St., Suite 300
Toronto ON M4S 1Z7

Matching youth volunteers ages 16 to 24 in one-to-one relationship with children who are experiencing social, emotional, behavioural, and/ or cultural adjustment problems.

Tel: 416-932-1919
Fax: 416-932-1924


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