About Us

Mission Statement

CMMS was as a community based non-profit and charitable organization to assist the African, Caribbean communities in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) resolve disputes in English and major African languages by volunteer community mediators who are trained in the process of mediation and problem solving.

The mission of CMMS is to assist in resolving disputes and conflicts arising in personal relationships, neighbours, peer groups, families, work places, schools, and communities at large, and provide counseling on anger management, family and peer relationships, as well as settlement and integration services to members of the African and Caribbean Communities in Toronto and others who may seek our services, in order to make our communities safer and more friendly to live in.

CMMS is a multi service agency and the programs and services of the organization is mentioned briefly below:

1. Conflict resolution services

CMMS provides professional conflict resolution services with regards to family disputes, neighbourhood conflicts, landlord/tenant problems, family conflicts, friendship disputes, workplace disputes, interpersonal relations, teen-adult problems at school, home, and in the community. The conflict resolution services also encompasses counseling services on parenting, anger management, building youth leadership for the at-risk youth, school drop outs and restoring communal harmony in case of racial discrimination, hate crimes and systemic barriers against African and Caribbean communities. CMMS also intervenes with African Canadian Parents whose children have been taken away by Children’s' Aid Society to reunite the family by correcting and changing inappropriate behaviour in the family.

2. Settlement and integration of refugees and new immigrants

CMMS also offers settlement and integration services to our newcomers, immigrants and refugees to socially integrate them and expedite their settlement process in Canadian society and culture through the help of host volunteers. Need based services such as initial orientation, information on housing, education, health system, transportation, administration and other relevant settlement information are offered to our clients in the community. Culturally and linguistically appropriate services including referrals on employment services, Job Search Workshops, interpretation services are also provided to help newcomers and immigrants settle in Canada and contribute to the Canadian economy.

3. Youth Programs

CMMS organizes workshops and training sessions on violence, peer mediation, AIDS Awareness, Drug free seminars where young people can meet with counselors and talk about their individual concerns. Youths are also given opportunity to learn employment skills that would help them secure summer jobs. CMMS educates youth to develop civic responsibilities in the communities where they live and youths are encouraged to participate in various volunteer opportunities within their communities.

4. AIDS/Drug Awareness Programs

CMMS educates youths and at risk youths on AIDS/Drug prevention strategies and provides assistance to cope up with the adversity and “say no to drugs”. The organization also focuses on harm reduction, counseling and referrals for treatment for the victims of drug and substance abuse and creates community awareness on drug and substance prevention measures.

5. Employment Training and Resource Centre

CMMS provides a wide range of employment services to the job seekers and help them to develop resumes, cover letters, job search techniques, connect with the employers, provides free internet to job search, free photocopy, telephone and fax facilities and job search workshops to the African and Caribbean communities

6. Service Locations

Currently our service location is based at 1110 Finch Ave West, Suite 222, North York, ON M3J 2T2. Phone: (416) 203-2869, Fax: 416-203-2869. However, CMMS provides itinerant services in Community Centres, School Buildings, Public Libraries, and in the facilities of our partner agencies and other service providers.

7. Membership to CMMS

Our Membership into CMMS is open to all members of the African and Caribbean communities who are more than 18 years and other individuals or agencies that support the aims and objectives of the organization. The organization recruits new members through community and faith based organizations, networking, word of mouth, flyers and through volunteers. There are no restrictions in recruiting members. By-Law of our organization grants equal right to all members to exercise single vote in all meetings of the members of the organization. Our memberships represent the diversity and multiculturalism objectives of the Government of Canada.

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