CANADIAN MULTICULTURAL MEDIATION SERVICE (CMMS) is a non-profit community based conflict resolution service in Toronto, Ontario.

CMMS was incorporated as a community
based non-profit and charitable organization to assist the African, Caribbean communities in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) resolve disputes in English and major African
languages by volunteer community mediators who are trained in the process of mediation and problem solving.

The mission of CMMS is to assist in resolving disputes and conflicts arising in personal relationships with neighbours,
peer groups, families, at work places, schools, and communities at large, and to provide counseling on anger management, family and peer relationships, as well as settlement and integration services to members of the African and Caribbean Communities in Toronto and others who may seek our services, in order to make our communities safer and more friendly to live in.

CMMS provides professional conflict resolution services with regards to family disputes, neighbourhood conflicts, landlord/tenant problems, family conflicts, friendship disputes, workplace disputes, interpersonal relationships, teen-adult problems at school, home, and in the community. The conflict resolution service also encompasses counseling services on parenting, anger management, building youth leadership for the at-risk youth, school drop outs and restoring communal harmony in case of racial discrimination, hate crimes and systemic barriers against members of African and Caribbean communities. CMMS also intervenes with African Canadian Parents whose children have been taken away by Children’s' Aid Society to reunite the family by correcting and changing inappropriate behaviour in the family through counseling and mentorship.

CMMS is a multi service agency and the programs and services of the organization are mentioned briefly on the Program and Services page.


1110 Finch Ave West, Suite 224
North York, Ontario
M3J 2T2
Tel: (416) 203-2869
Fax:(416) 203-1881